Copyright and Usage

© Linda Mayoux 2019

Unless otherwise stated on the relevant document, all materials on this website are copyright of Linda Mayoux.

My aim is to retain  free usage of the original source documents and best practice in the methodology as part of a social and gender justice movement. To prevent certain unethical practices that have arisen on the part of certain people and organisations. So that people working on the ground can continue to adapt, implement and innovate with the different methodologies.

Copyright aims

The aims of this Copyright are to:

  • make the original methodology freely available and as accessible as possible, particularly for use by smaller local organisations on the ground who do not have access to funding.
  • reduce conceptual and methodological distortion of the community-led original intentions of the methodology by plagiarism and organisational branding.
  • prevent powerful organisations and ‘experts’ imposing their own copyright restrictions on use and innovation.
  • create thereby a change movement that can work together for community-led social justice advocacy.

Conditions of use

The materials are free for use and adaptation for noncommercial and ethical purposes under Creative Commons protocols, on condition that :

  • you notify Linda Mayoux through filling in the comment form below, stating the purpose for which you are using it. She will then contact you by email.
  • there is a very clear and visible accreditation of the authors of the relevant materials and the implementing and funding organisations.
  • there is a URL link to the original document on this website prominently displayed and a link to this copyright page.
  • Linda Mayoux is cited as the originator of the PALS methodology and its GALS, FALS and other derivatives.
  • you send Linda Mayoux a copy of the final document/public reports with a brief 200-500 word description so they can be posted on this blog.
  • you subscribe to and post on Facebook for comment and input by others through: gamechangenetwork facebook page  to contribute your ideas and experience to others.

For commercial purposes and use by private companies, application should be made to Linda Mayoux through filling in the comment form below.

An example of accreditation protocol:

For the original document and other PALS/GALS/FALS adaptations and experiences for livelihoods, value chain and coffee sector see: . For more about experiences of using the methodology elsewhere see links from: and Facebook page: Any further adaptation and use of this document should observe the ethical Copyright principles stated in: in the interests of maintaining free use of the methodology and expanding the gender advocacy movement. Any errors of translation or interpretation (and also credit for further innovation) lie with the authors.


Unless otherwise stated all photographs on this website are copyrighted to Linda Mayoux. They can be downloaded as long as they are accredited with a link to the website page.

High resolution versions of the images are available on: 

All are password-protected but free to use by the participants, partner organisations and sponsors of the relevant project. That is to protect the people in photographs and also the interests of the project and funders.

If other people want to use these images, please send a request as a comment to the homepage of this website and I or the relevant organisation will get back to you.

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