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    Leadership Song By champions from Tanzania and Kenya Tanzania Tunaanza: Vision Journey Song Gender Balance Tree We are starting our plans Tunaanza Mobile: Gender Balance Poem: Gender Balance Poem Mobile: Kenya Tutangazeni: let us start Tutangazeni Mobile: Kazi Na Usawa: Gender Balance Tree Kazi Na Usawa Mobile: We Are The Champions: […]

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    The basic principle of PALS is that people need to really value their learning, and that money should not be wasted producing thousands of manuals and toolkits given out for free that people do not use. Only the first champions are given notebooks. Then in the peer sharing process other people buy their own. One […]

  • Microfinance links RWEE report Adding GALS into the implementation model considerably increases the JP RWEE positive impact on women empowerment and even to some extent offsets the disempowering effect of the reduction in leisure time available for women because of greater engagement in income generating activities due to more equal distribution of domestic tasks. microfinance: revolution […]

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    © Linda Mayoux 2019 Unless otherwise stated on the relevant document, all materials on this website are copyright of Linda Mayoux. My aim is to retain  free usage of the original source documents and best practice in the methodology as part of a social and gender justice movement. To prevent certain unethical practices that have […]