Meki Batu champions

Livelihood Strengthening

Where the main type of intervention is on livelihoods and value chain development, after 3-6 months more advanced versions of the Catalyst tools are introduced for business planning, marketing and value chain analysis.

  • increasing incomes challenge action tree
  • household business tree
  • market map
  • livelihood calendar vision journey

Livelihood Strengthening Toolkit, Gumutindo, Uganda. TWIN UK 2013.

SNV Livelihood Strengthening Tool 5, Ethiopia 2017 for Gender and Youth in Horticulture Markets project.

SNV Livelihood Strengthening Tool 6, Ethiopia 2017 for Gender and Youth in Horticulture Markets project.

Business Action Learning for Innovation: BALI, Kyrgyzstan

Business Action Learning for Inclusion (BALI) methodology methodology funded by IFAD, was developed by Linda Mayoux and piloted 2019-2020 by Asel Kuttubaeva and community champions participating. It aims to:

  • Promote women’s business innovation and diversification of their opportunities within local economies. It aims particularly to help women diversify out of a narrow range of ‘female’ activities and products.
  • Enable women and low income men from all backgrounds to develop and implement realisable business and marketing plans based on their specific opportunities and challenges
  • Enable individuals, groups and projects to monitor progress towards these visions.

Value Chain Development

Growing the Diamond Forest 2015
comprehensive gender mainstreaming in Value Chain Development for the Oxfam Novib and IFAD GENVAD process May 2015.

Happy Family Happy Coffee 2014-2016
adapts the livelihood tools specifically for commodity value chains like coffee:

‘Making the Strongest Links’ 2009, ILO
gives more macro-analysis and research on gender and value chain development, including early use of some of the tools with Kenyan women exporters.

Bukonzo Joint Uganda: Gender in Value Chain Development using GALS 2016

Short overview of gender issues in value chain development and experience of GALS.