GAMEchange Network

GAMEchange Network blog is an informal network of people and organisations aiming at innovation, learning and advocacy for Social Justice – empowerment of women and men of all ages and backgrounds to change their lives and help others change theirs.

This blog aims to bring together partners and innovations on two levels:

Empowerment methodologies

In particular experience and innovation in Participatory Action Learning System (PALS) and related and derivative methodologies that enable women and men from any background to identify and implement their own individual and collective strategies for increasing human rights, particularly women’s human rights as stated in 1979 UN Convention on Elimination of ALL forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the rights of children youth and older people.

Empowerment mainstreaming 

So that gender/generational and minority justice aims and strategies identified at community-level are at the centre of institutional decision-making and practice and policy advocacy. This includes empowerment mainstreaming in private sector, cooperatives, financial service providers and donor development programmes and projects.

This blog is an ongoing voluntary project managed by Linda Mayoux to link the various organisations she works with and share the resources developed so we can all learn from each other.

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