GAMEChangeNetwork website brings together empowerment methodologies developed since the 1990s with many communities, organisations and individuals worldwide.

It aims to provide an accessible and coherent set of visual and written resources, learning trajectories and contact links. To inspire and support organisations and individuals to innovate and adapt the methodologies for a more equal, democratic and sustainable world.

  A world 
 where women and men 
from all backgrounds and of all ages 
are freed 
from all forms of discrimination 
so they can realise their full potential 
as agents 
for empowerment, happiness 
and environmental sustainability of
global humankind.   

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Empowerment Methodology

The GAMEChange family of empowerment methodologies adapt similar tools, facilitation and implementation processes to enable women and men from any background to identify and implement their own individual and collective strategies and communicate these to powerful stakeholders.

Mainstreaming Empowerment

GAMEChange empowerment methodologies are integrated into other existing activities and interventions. The same tools and participatory processes used at individual level are used for more inclusive and effective participatory technical trainings and organisational strategic planning. This enables effective and cost-efficient strengthening of capacity and self-reliance at community level. And inclusive informed communication between stakeholders at different levels.

Change Leadership and Advocacy

The ‘big picture’ aim of GAMEChange methodologies, underpinning all other elements is the vision of a community-led change movement promoting social justice, inclusive and participatory democratic structures and environmental sustainability. 

Global Network

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Forthcoming Highlights 2023
  • More engaging animated content
  • Enhanced materials on leadership
  • Resources on environment and climate change
  • Updated Network overviews and links