Uganda: Mwana Mulho

Mwana Molho Men and Women United group started in the year 2012 and it is registered at the sub-county level under local government.

The group works in Kyondo and Kisinga subcounties of Kasese District. Despite the land being fertile, productivity and quality of crops are low due to lack of skills in sustainable agriculture,  market research and poor quality production control. Women are more involved in agriculture activities than men except during the harvest. Gender inequality means men are mostly involved in selling produce to spend on their own luxuries – including alcohol and women in town. Due to increase in school fees for children, there is a high level of school dropout and early marriage. There is also domestic violence, especially during Christmas season due to failure in buying food and clothing. among other leading to increase in divorce. Some families have a high level of dependency from orphans.

Mwana Molho group originated in GALS processes with Green Home
Women’s Development Association (later became New Home) funded by Hivos and Trickle Up 2005 – 2013. Members continued to organise and use and share GALS even after Green Home managers twice absconded with member savings.

The organisation has 6 GALS expert trainers who have innovated and contributed to development of the GALS methodology. They have trained 120 households in Kyondo and Kisinga sub-counties to a high level on a voluntary basis. They are skilled in using GALS for quantification and tracking their progress. The organization currently has 381 members in 10 groups using the GALS methodology in their savings and credit groups.

Sn Name of groups Symbols Number of members
1 Inner servant Umbrella 157
2 Kabira united group Forest 17
3 Kisinga Women & Menassociation group Bridge 25
4 Buzira united group Cup 24
5 Mughende women’s group Ladder 23
6 Mugisa women group Moon 27
7 Thuwathikanaye women group Tree 15
8 Kinyaminagha united group Pot 12
9 Kyondo women foundation for development  Table 21
10 Joselina’s foundation    
  Group A Radio 30
  Group B House 30

The group is currently looking for funds to set up a cocoa project (a new but viable crop in the area) using GALS, reaching over 1,000 households. To date most development in the area has been in coffee in the higher lands. Cocoa grows well in the river valleys and gives a more continuous harvest through the year. Contacts have been made with ESCO Uganda limited.

They are also currently seeking funds for transport to moving around these groups to carry out more trainings outside the existing groups. They also need more facilities in their office.

CONTACT PERSON: Masika Emelda- Chairperson (send comment to this blog)