Kyrgyzstan: IFAD/CDA

GALS Catalyst Workshop

Naryn May 2016 

Participatory Gender Review

April 2020

Gender and RWEE
in Kyrgyzstan


The GALS process in Kyrgyzstan is funded by IFAD and implemented by CDA and UNWomen as part of the Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme of IFAD, UNWomen, FAO and World Food Programme.

RWEE consists of:

1) Economic Empowerment:  support to rural women organized in self-help groups to help overcome stereotypes regarding women’s inability to manage effective agricultural production.

2) Female Leadership and Participation: working with local government, pasture committees and water use associations

3) Enabling Policy Environment: improving statistics on women’s economic participation

Gender Action Learning for Sustainability (GALS) was introduced by IFAD as a Household Methodology in order to strengthen women members position in the household, changing gender inequalities so that they could increase incomes and fully participate in the RWEE Womens’ Associations.

GALS Catalyst Workshop

Tool 1 Soulmate Visioning
Tool 2 Vision Journey
Tool 3: Gender Diamond
Tool 4: Happy Family Tree

Tool 5: Gender Challenge Action Tree
  • Mothers-in-law: Why their daughters-in-law do not love them
  • Daughters-in-law: Why their husbands are jealous
  • Men: Why they do not have enough income for the family

Livelihood Strengthening and Follow-up

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