Case Story suggested guidelines: Tanzania

We need:

some short welcome messages from champions for the Swahili Karibu page and for the beginning of the page on each process – to make things welcoming and human to visitors


  • general environment and context, crops, richest and poorest houses, markets
  • people with their house and economic activities – particularly anything unusual. Or extremely good quality coffee.
  • people with their families eg doing things achieved on their gender balance tree – to show how differently things can be done
  • people sharing GALS with others in their houses and/or meetings – to show the facilitation process
  • peoples’ diagrams on the walls in their houses and/or in their notebooks with description or annotation (just lots of pictures does not mean much to outside visitors to the website)

Video clips or spoken interview


  • the champions introduce themselves briefly – name, what they do, family background, leadership positions
  • when did they first learn GALS

Catalyst tools:

  • what was their vision, including ownership issues
  • their vision journey – what have they achieved, what were the opportunities, what were the challenges, what is their plan now?
  • their gender balance tree – what were the things they wanted to change, what have they achieved, what is their plan now?
  • empowerment leadership map – who did they plan to share with? what have they achieved? what is their plan now?

Livelihood tools

  • what was their vision?
  • challenge action tree
  • market map
  • livelihood calendar

including effects on coffee production

Leadership tools

  • what was their vision? what do they think good leadership is?
  • leadership vision journey

(informally ask about issues in governance)


  • what are the main things they like about GALS
  • what are the main achievements they value most?
  • what things do they think could be improved?
  • how would they persuade other people to join?

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