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  • Reaching for the Sun: PALS Adventures and Challenges

  • Songs: Swahili

    Leadership Song By champions from Tanzania and Kenya Tanzania Tunaanza: Vision Journey Song Gender Balance Tree We are starting our plans Tunaanza Mobile: Gender Balance Poem: Gender Balance Poem Mobile: Kenya Tutangazeni: let us start Tutangazeni Mobile: Kazi Na Usawa: Gender Balance Tree Kazi Na Usawa Mobile: We Are The Champions: […]

  • Same Exchange Workshop February 2013

    A Champions Exchange Workshop was held in February 2013 to review experience and progress on visions, gender balance and sharing the GALS methodology since the catalyst workshops in November 2013.   This brought together: champions from each of the Vuasu Primary Cooperatives – they cannot normally meet as a group because of very large distances between […]

  • Phase 3: Annual Review And Sustainability Plan

    After 1 year an Annual PALS@Scale Review and Sustainability Planning Workshop agrees or at least initiates a sustainability plan for further deepening gender and livelihood changes, strengthening leadership and scaling up for the following year. Achievement review brings together aggregated information on achievements on: core aims (eg livelihoods, health etc) to establish the local business/efficiency case for PALS; […]