Kyrgyzstan: RWEE

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The GALS process in Kyrgyzstan is funded by IFAD and implemented by CDA and UNWomen as part of the Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme of IFAD, UNWomen, FAO and World Food Programme. It consists of:

1) Economic Empowerment:  support to rural women organized in self-help groups to help overcome stereotypes regarding women’s inability to manage effective agricultural production.

 2) Female Leadership and Participation: working with local government, pasture committees and water use associations

 3) Enabling Policy Environment: improving statistics on women’s economic participation

For more details of RWEE Kyrgyzstan process of public reports see:

For the edited consolidated report see:

GALS Process for RWEE Naryn Pilot_ ConsolidatedReport_Feb2017_ed

Implemented in 2016 it consisted of:

GALS Catalyst Workshop, Naryn May 2016 See full post
GALS Follow-up and livelihoods process September 2016 

Key Resource Links

GALS Overviews
Catalyst Tools:


Change/Empowerment Leadership Map

Livelihood and Value Chain Tools: 
Individual and Organisational Planning: Multi-lane Highways

New Home Video
Masika Elizabeth’s Plan

Gender Review Tools

Rocky Road to Diamond Dreams >Part 3 on Gender Review

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ published article

Decision Diamond with Jane Walina Bukonzo Joint, You Tube Video – includes reproductive rights:

Facilitation Skills

Fun with a Serious Purpose: GALS Facilitation

Monitoring and Evaluation

The MandE process for GALS is documented in:

GALSatScale Community Action Learning Overview Paper (summary)


Rocky Road to Diamond Dreams Part 3 for more detailed and advanced tools.

Gender issues in Islam

Muslim Women’s League

“I shall not lose sight of the labor of any of you who labors in My way, be it man or woman; each of you is equal to the other (Quran 3:195)”

Gender Equality: Muslim Women Question The Way Quran Is Interpreted 

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