Lickson Samwel Eliapenda, Vuasu Champion, Same

Lickson is one of the lead champions with a vision of becoming a youth leader. He has taught all his neighbours and relatives in Bwambo.

He was invited to train on GALS in Kenya and has presented his experience in coffee conferences.

Box 4 Hedaru tanzania mobile tel +255 716 238799

Personal Introduction

full profile forthcoming

I was born in 4 april 1992. I have 1 older brother, 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. After my father died in 2002 our mother was taking care of us alone. We were very young.. 2002 – 2008 I studied to P7  and 2009-2012 I studied to senior 4. I finished 2012. Our mother worked as agricultural labour to get school fees and food and clothes. I stayed at home with nothing to do. this period life in our family was difficult. We got no help from our father’s relatives. After this our elder sister started a clothes and shoes business using money from her savings and credit vicoba to help our mother.

When I finished secondary education I won 31 points in 4 sujects. English, biology, kiswahili and civics.(Ds)

In October 2013 I joined the GALS catalyst workshop. I was supported by TKL. I am a champion of GALS Vuasu and the young farmers of coffee in Bwambo Coffee Coop Soc

Before GALS I did. Not know how to plan the vision for myself and our family. We started to plan a vision in our family and used this methodology to draw their vision.

 GALS Review and Livelihood and Leadership Strengthening Workshop July 2014

Achivements on his multilane Vision:

  • On his Vision Journey, he has achieved the following; buying 10 iron sheets, ¼ acre plot, 1 cow and has saw 60 coffee seedlings. In October he expects to achieve the following: build a house so by that time he will have 2,000 bricks.
  • In his Gender Balance Tree, as a family they are now working together for household chores and cattle barn, Lickson and his relatives are saving for their mother so as later she can open an account, present the family has 1.000 bricks for construction of the family house and lastly they are also harvesting bananas this month.
  • Recently his mother has also bought sofa set for the family. In September, Lickson`s brother is expecting to get married. In October, he expects the family will construct the house and install the solar panel. Moreover he expects, the increase in coffee from 40 coffee trees to 200, harvest onions and the mother will change ownership of her tree farm to be a family owned property.
  • On the Empowerment Leadership Map, Lickson has reached 26 women and 20 men among these 7 women and 10 men have been trained by Lickson on Vision, Vision Journey and Gender Balance Tree. Until October, he expects to reach another 7 women and 10 men.