Lickson Samwel Eliapenda, Vuasu Champion, Same


Lickson is one of the lead champions with a vision of becoming a youth leader. He has taught all his neighbours and relatives in Bwambo.

He was invited to train on GALS in Kenya and has presented his experience in coffee conferences.

Box 4 Hedaru tanzania mobile tel +255 716 238799

Personal Introduction

full profile forthcoming

I was born in 4 april 1992. I have 1 older brother, 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. After my father died in 2002 our mother was taking care of us alone. We were very young.. 2002 – 2008 I studied to P7  and 2009-2012 I studied to senior 4. I finished 2012. Our mother worked as agricultural labour to get school fees and food and clothes. I stayed at home with nothing to do. this period life in our family was difficult. We got no help from our father’s relatives. After this our elder sister started a clothes and shoes business using money from her savings and credit vicoba to help our mother.

When I finished secondary education I won 31 points in 4 sujects. English, biology, kiswahili and civics.(Ds)

In October 2013 I joined the GALS catalyst workshop. I was supported by TKL. I am a champion of GALS Vuasu and the young farmers of coffee in Bwambo Coffee Coop Soc

Before GALS I did. Not know how to plan the vision for myself and our family. We started to plan a vision in our family and used this methodology to draw their vision.

 GALS Review and Livelihood and Leadership Strengthening Workshop July 2014

Achivements on his multilane Vision:

  • On his Vision Journey, he has achieved the following; buying 10 iron sheets, ¼ acre plot, 1 cow and has saw 60 coffee seedlings. In October he expects to achieve the following: build a house so by that time he will have 2,000 bricks.
  • In his Gender Balance Tree, as a family they are now working together for household chores and cattle barn, Lickson and his relatives are saving for their mother so as later she can open an account, present the family has 1.000 bricks for construction of the family house and lastly they are also harvesting bananas this month.
  • Recently his mother has also bought sofa set for the family. In September, Lickson`s brother is expecting to get married. In October, he expects the family will construct the house and install the solar panel. Moreover he expects, the increase in coffee from 40 coffee trees to 200, harvest onions and the mother will change ownership of her tree farm to be a family owned property.
  • On the Empowerment Leadership Map, Lickson has reached 26 women and 20 men among these 7 women and 10 men have been trained by Lickson on Vision, Vision Journey and Gender Balance Tree. Until October, he expects to reach another 7 women and 10 men.

Dina, Vuasu Champion, Same, Tanzania

Dina was one of the first champions and had a lot of challenges when her husband died, Her brother-in-law tried to force her to marry him because he wanted to take her property. Her in-laws beat her several times, knocking out her front teeth, and threatened to kill her. Her children did not continue with school due to lack of school fees. Her sons went to find local jobs. Her daughters got married at a young age.

She went to court several times but the in-laws would bribe at the primary courts and win. Dina finally was helped by the government and local Vuasu cooperative staff and managed to she acquire her land. But she still had no money and was practically destitute. Looking back on that time, she says she was very depressed and with no hope for the future.

Dina says her situation has improved considerably after the GALS training. She now has direction. She has renovated her house and has 20 chickens now. She has been mentored by Ann Eliuza Mweta, the only Vuasu Board member and helped through her savings group and church group.  She was also nominated to become one of the new women Vuasu Board members who were being encouraged as a result of the new Vuasu organisational Vision Plan.

Ann Eliuze Mweta, Bwambo, Vuasu Cooperative Union, Same Tanzania


Ann drew her multilane of her achievement attained over the 7 months since starting GALS in November 2013.

  • On her Vision Journey lane she now has 8 iron sheets and roofed her kitchen, she a bigger bed and sofa sets for sitting room.
  • On the Gender balance Tree she has achieved to plan with her husband and have bought the solar panel for lighting and using radio.
  • Achievements on the Empowerment Leadership Map, she has shared the GALS tools with 33 farmers in her community( 15 men and 18 women). She has helped Dina to develop herself as a leader.

Ann expects to reach a further 21 people (13 male and 8 women) by October 2014 and she will increase coffee by 240kgs compared to 90kg last season.

Personal Statement


S.L.P 4


SIMU MOBILE: 0714 833 635

Mimi ni Mkulima wa Mazao mbali mbali katika kijiji cha Vugwama, Nimezaliwa mwaka 1959. Nimeolewa na ninao watoto sita (6) Wakiume 4 Wakike 2. Nimesoma elimu ya msingi (STD 7) maisha yetu yamekuwa wastani katika malezi kwa ujumla wake. I was born in 1959 in Vugwama Village were I still live. I am a wife and a mother of six children (4 sons and 2 daughters. I have a primary school education level and am a farmer. Our life is average in general

Watoto walisoma hadi kufikia shahada ya kwanza ni vijana wawili na binti mmoja wengine watatu wamemaliza kidato cha 4 tu nao kwa sasa wana kazi zao. My two sons and a daughter have a bachelor degree the rest have secondary education luckily they are working now

Mimi nimejiunga na vikundi mbalimbali kwa muda mrefu sasa.Napenda kushirikiana na jamii kwa swala zima la maendeleo, tumeanzisha miradi kama kilimo hai,kuhifadhi mazingira ,kilimo cha matuta kupanda miti, ufugaji wa ng’ombe wa kisasa.

Katika miradi yote hii baadhi ya miradi haikufaulu kutokana na Elimu ndogo na uelewa katika jamii. Nimejiunga pia na chama cha msingi nikachaguliwa kuwa mjumbe wa Board.Nimejiunga pia na vikundi vya vicoba.Vicoba vimekuwa msaada mkubwa kwa kunipa elimu ya kuweka na kukopa. Nimesomesha watoto wote kwa shida sana kwa sababu hakukuwa na mpango huo mzuri.

Since I like cooperating with my fellow community members in matters relating to development, I am a member of different groups. I was selected to be a board member at the primary society. I have joined VICOBA which has taught me savings and loans skills.  In these groups we have managed projects such as; organic farming, environmental conservation, fruit production, tree planting and keeping livestock. Some of these projects did not succeed due to low expertise in the matters. Because I had no good planning, sending my children to school was a great torture

Zao la kahawa kwetu lilipungua uzalishaji wake kwa sababu halitoshelezi kulipia ada za watoto hivyo ilibidi tulime zao la nyanya (mboga mboga) ili lisaidie kikundi ada. Hivyo wadudu wameshambulia sana maana pembejeo zilikosekana We decreased coffee production because profit from it was not enough to pay for school fees, therefore we had to start vegetable production (tomatoes). However the vegetables were attached by pest because we did not use any pesticides

Shughuli zote hizo zilifanyika kabla ya kupata mafunzo ya GALS. Nilipokuwa naendelea katika chama cha msingi kama mjumbe wa Board, nilipata nafasi kwenda semina  same huko nilipata mafunzo ya GALS. All mentioned projects were conducted before we got GALS training. As I was working as a board member at the primary society I was fortune enough to attend GALS training in Same. Amoung what we ware trained were the following;

  1. Njozi nyingi Many dreams
  2. Barabara ya malengo kufikia njozi The road toward reaching the dreams
  3. Mti wa usawa wa jinsia Gender equality tree
  4. Uwezeshaji wa jamii. Community mobilization

Mafunzo haya ya awali yamenipa uelewa mkubwa wa kupanga malengo na kuyafikia, Mti wa usawa wa jinsia nao umekuwa msaada katika familia namna ya kufanya kazi kwa pamoja na kufikia malengo yetu. Katika dhana ya uwezeshaji wa jamii nimefaulu kuwahamasisha kwa kutumia zana zote na baadhi yao wamefikia uelewa. The first phase of the training gave me a great understanding on how to set goals/visions and how to reach them. Gender equality tree has been a great help in such a way that family work together as a team to reach the family goal. Through community mobilization skills I managed to train other members of the community in which others have understood.

Mimi binafsi kwa kutumia dhana hizi za awali sasa naweza kutathimini mipango na shughuli zangu kuwa naelekea Kwenye mafanikio au narudi nyuma.Nagundua pia kuwa ni changamoto gani imenivuta nyuma, nimeweza kufundisha jamii iliyonizunguka tuu yaani kanisani,chama cha msingi,vicoba,marafiki na wapo wengi mbali na hapo wanaotamani mafunzo hayo. By using GALS concepts I can evaluate my plans and activities to know if they are succeeding or failing and knowing the challenges associated. I have trained the surrounding communities in churches, VICOBA groups, primary society and friends. There are many who long for these training that I am yet to reach.

Changamoto ninazokutana nazo huko ni vitendea kazi kwa ujumla wake na pia wanajamii wanadai maji ya kunywa, wakati wa kufundishwa. Amoung the challenges that I faced is lack of working equipments and trainees wants to be given allowance for attending the training.

Changamoto katika chama cha msingi ni umbali wa wajumbe wa bodi kulingana na jiografia ya kata yetu ilivyo nami kuwapata kwa wakati mmoja inakuwa vigumu. Kulingana na umbali uliopo mimi nami nashindwa kuwafikia kwa muda unaotakiwa. The challenges that I face at the primary society includes; some of the board members live very far from the office this is associated with the geography of the ward, thus gathering them all becomes impossible

Mafunzo mengine tuliyopata ni haya yafuatayo:- Other trainings received are

  1. Uongozi Leadership
  2. Masoko Markets
  3. Mti wa uzalishaji Production tree

Mafunzo haya nayo yamenifanya nielewe sifa zote za kiongozi bora na kiongozi mmbaya na sifa zake. Nimejifunza pia kanuni za Biashara na mafanikio katika masoko. Kabla ya mafunzo haya sikuelewa kulima kibiashara lakini sasa naelewa mti wa uzalishaji na hesabu zake na kufikia mafanikio pia na chnagamoto zake. The trainings have broden my understanding on the qualification of a good leader. I also learned business rules and markets. Before the training I did not understand what it meant by agri-business, nowadays I know all about production tree, how to succeed and the challenges

Chama chetu cha msingi kina vijiji vitatu lakini kulingana na hali niliyokwisha kueleza kijiji kimoja tu ndicho kimefanikiwa kupata elimu hii na vingine viwili havijapata kabisa.Tathimi niliyoiona binafsi ni kuwa wale waliopata elimu hii wamkeuwa na mabadiliko japo sio wote.Hivyo naamini kabisa kuwa ikiwa chama cha msingi mabadiliko ya uzalishaji wa zao la kahawa yangekuwa makubwa sana pamoja na shughuli zingine. Our primary society incooperates three villages, as explained earlier due to geaographical reasons only on village has been reached and trained. From my evaluation I have noted that, some of the  trainee have changed after training, thus I believe that coffee production will increase and other development activities will improve

Kulingana na uelewa huu nimewahi kwenda sehemu zingine kama ifuatavyo: I have visited the following places

  1. Burundi, Bujumbura – Kongamano la kahawa la AFCA AFCA coffee conference- Bunjumbura,  Burundi
  2. Kenya – Mafunzo ya mwanzo ya GALS kwa ECOM Kenya SMS First phase of GALS training from ECOM- Kenya

Kwa sasa nipo Kwenye maandalizi ya kwenda Bukonzo Joint Uganda.Baada ya maelezo hayo yote nipo tayari kutoa elimu popote nitakapoitwa nikiwezeshwa  ndani na nje ya kata yetu. As for now am in the preparation to visit Bukonzo Joint in Uganda, if facilitated I will be able to train other people in different wards

Joseph Mbepera, Ngima, Mbinga,Tanzania

Joseph is the CMS field staff/promoter farmer for Meru village but lives in Ngima. In the past he used to work for TechnoServe. He is married to Theodosia Kapinga and has several children. Joseph is Tisian Mbepera‘s younger brother and they live close by. Joseph and Tisian are sharing the same note book and helping each other.


  • They plan to build a house in a joint owned plot which has trees.

Personal achievements from Vision Journey:

  • Opened a joint account, bought a radio and a small milling machine.

People reached in Leadership Empowerment Map:

  • Joseph reached 45 people in church, 70 at the demo plot and 8 friends.

Joseph’s Coffee Tree

Link to Mobile version  

Eva Mbepera, Ngima, Mbinga, Tanzania

Eva Mbepera is a coffee farmer. She inherited a house and coffee farm from her father. She has several children. She is the niece of Marieta Mbepera.  She is not married.


  • Her vision was to buy a radio, increase coffee production and growing some maize & wheat.

Personal achievements from Vision Journey:

  • Has opened an account
  • Bought a radio (although small)
  • This season she started growing wheat.
  • She is the Treasurer of Upendo Savings and Credit group.

People reached in Leadership Empowerment Map:

  • Reached 30 choir members at Ngima RC, her 3 children, 7 neighbors and a friend.


Marieta Mbepera, Ngima, Mbinga, Tanzania

Marieta Mbepera is married and has several children. She is the aunt of Eva Mbepera.


  • Her vision was to buy a radio, a plot of her own and save some money.

Personal achievements from Vision Journey:

  • Has recently opened an account
  • Bought a radio and a plot.
  • This season she is expecting an increase in volume of coffee.
  • Recently she was employed by local government as a Village Health Worker.

People reached in Leadership Empowerment Map:

  • Reached a husband, 7 neighbours, 4 friends, several women at the Village Clinic.

Avelina Nkolela, Ngima, Mbinga, Tanzania

Avelina Nkolela is married. She has a daughter and Lives with in-laws


  • Her vision was to buy a radio, plot, build a house and keep some savings.

Personal achievements from Vision Journey:

  • Has recently started a petrol business and a small vegetable garden, plans to expand the garden.

People reached in Leadership Empowerment Map:

  • Reached 6 neighbors.
  • Now active in Upendo Savings group.

Personal achievements from Vision Journey by 19th June 2015:

–              Has recently opened an account

–              Bought a radio and a plot.

–              This season she is expecting an increase in volume of coffee.

–              Recently she was employed by local government as a Village Health Worker.

People reached in Leadership Empowerment Map:

–              Reached a husband, 7 neighbours, 4 friends, several women at the Village Clinic.