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This blog aims to be as user-friendly as possible. It complements:

1) GALS@Scale website and GALS@Scale blog managed by Linda Mayoux. These contain learning resources on the methodology itself – GALS overview, implementation stages, faclitation process, diagram tools and documentation.The website is currently only a one-page holding site but by July 2015 will host the most up to date ‘official materials’ and interactive materials, video downloads etc. The blog is a mobile-friendly place for people to comment and give suggestions for improvement on the ‘official version of the methodology’ that will then feed into further (accredited) updates on the methodology. Depending on funding, these two may merge 2015 into one interactive learning site, maybe also linked to other GALS processes with other donors, but still managed by Linda.

2) GALS@Scale Facebook page for promotion of GALS on social network sites and inform visitors when there is important new material available on either the website or the blogs. There is currently also an internal GALS discussion group for project management eg producing the videos.

This GALS Network Blog is a participatory site co-edited by the GALS lead team where those involved in GALS implementation (including champions) are invited to post their experiences and ideas – including photos, videos, songs reports etc. So that we can all see what others are doing to help each other expand the methodology. It is also a public site where others may comment and give insights.

It is organised as follows:

1) Basic pages for each of the processes. At a later date when more organisations and regions join us, the existing East Africa pages may be easily re-organised by region with country submenus. Once we have more material on from our invited authors these pages will be rewritten by the editors to give a simple overview of each process with links to the posts. No one except the editors can make new pages.

2) Posts are where invited contributors, authors and editors can upload material as they are doing things in the community or their organisation. For easy searching, each post has:

– categories: categories have a hierarchy like folder on the desktop.They can be searched using the categories menu on the left hand menu bar to bring up all the posts under that head. I have put categories again for the region and organisation. But also implementation stages, facilitation, diagrams and documentation. These mirror the headings on the GALS@Scale website. Please do not add new categories or the site will become disorganised. If you feel a new one is needed, please post a comment to the bottom of this page.

-tags: are keywords that can be searched but cross-cut the categories. These can be searched on the ‘tag cloud’ of words in different sizes on the left-hand menu bar. Here I have put things like video, song etc. Other things could be ‘leadership’, ’empowerment’ etc.

If you want to post material to this site, please use the categories provided for easy searching. But if you are unsure what to do, make a new tag and the editors will sort it out.

The following are links to all the Help messages on the site:

Creating a multilingual site

Case Story Suggested Guidelines

If you don’t find what you want there, try clicking ‘Help’ on the Tag Cloud.

Or send a comment.

Hoping to hear from you.

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