Gamechangenetwork Blog  is a participatory site where invited contributors from network organisations and PALS practitioners can post up their experiences so that partners in different locations can see what is happening elsewhere.

Anyone else can follow and post (moderated) comments.

It currently has the following resources:


See links on righthand menu.

and links on GALSatScale

Songsand Video

on a music player on the Home page, and for each process.

See also Swahili songs and videos

and links on GALSatScale

Champion resources

Champions do their own manuals in simple notebooks. But for rapid upscaling of an established process with champions able to train see:

Sample Notebooks for selling in the community.


If you have any requests please put comments at the bottom of this page.

 Other Resources

GALS@Scale website :

for everyone. This has an overview of the galsatscale process, ‘officially approved’ resources, and links to other resources materials. Currently english only.

GALS@Scale Facebook page:
 for any followers to publicise latest news from the website, blog and this network blog. Currently english only. But other language versions are planned.

Future plans

  • Links to partner blogs
  •  Twitter and linked-in groups to promote the methodology to a much wider number of people.



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