GAMEchange Network is an informal network of independent partners and practitioners developing innovations on two levels:

  • Empowerment methodologies: Participatory Action Learning System (PALS), Gender Action Learning for Sustainability at Scale (GALSatScale), Livelihood and Value Chain (BALI, HFHC) Financial Action Learning System(FALS) and other related innovations. These enable women and men to identify and implement their own individual and collective strategies for increasing human rights, particularly women’s human rights as stated in 1979 UN Convention on Elimination of ALL forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the rights of children youth and older people.
  • Macro-level mainstreaming of gender and generational empowerment aims and strategies identified at community-level into institutional decision-making and practice and policy advocacy. This includes empowerment mainstreaming in private sector, cooperatives, financial service providers and donor development programmes and projects.

The network is constantly evolving and expanding. This blog currently links organisations in:


Ethiopia SNV’s Gender and Youth Empowerment in Horticulture Markets (GYEM) project, funded by Comic Relief

Kenya gender mainstreaming in coffee sector and Happy Family Happy Coffee process by Sustainable Marketing Services (part of Ecom Trading), initiated by Hivos but currently independent

Tanzania: ESAT:  gender mainstreaming in coffee sector with Vuasu Cooperative Union in Kilimanjaro Region and Ecom Trading and Coffee Management Services in Mbeya Region, initially co-funded by Hivos

Uganda: Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union and Mwana Molho Women and Men United Group bothself-sustaining community-led processes working particularly in coffee and cocoa


Kyrgyzstan Rural Women Economic Empowerment programme, funded by IFAD.

Philippines Bridging the Gender Gap in Responsible Finance with Oikocredit, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation and ASKI, funded by Church of Sweden

Other resources on this blog are based on experiences that predate the network in:

  • Indonesia gender mainstreaming in coffee sector and Happy Family Happy Coffee process by Ecom Trading and IDH, initiated by Hivos but currently independent.
  • Pakistan gender mainstreaming in microfinance, funded by Aga Khan Foundation
  • Cote d’Ivoire a project by Nestle and Fair Labour Organisation for women in the cocoa value chain
  • Rwanda partners in Oxfam Novib/IFAD GENVAD project
  • Nigeria Oxfam’s gender networking

OTHER network members are welcome if you can subscribe through the box top right, then put a comment below with your contact and any weblinks.

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