Lilian and Evalina Mtaita, Chome, Vuasu Cooperative, Same Tanzania

Lilian Mtaita was among the first champions at the Vuasu Catalyst Training in October 2013. After the training she went back to school because her vision was to study nursing and become a good nurse. But she taught GALS to her mother, Evalina Julius.

Evelina has learnt good farming practices and livestock through her Vision journey. Lilian and her mother are now keeping exotic cows, which her mother planned through her Vision Journey.

Lilian explained to her mother the Gender Balance Tree. They saw that if they work together on one thing they can increase income. She used to use an axe to get firewood for household now her husband does. He also helps with cooking eg while she comes to meetings. The family is in the process of registering land at village office.

Together they did the Leadership empowerment map. Evelina learnt more tools and trained 30 other people trained in her VICOBA savings and credit group. They have introduced her to other crops etc.

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