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The underlying framework for all GALS processes is the ‘Road Journey’ or ‘Road Map’ change planning tool. This is of two basic types that can be combined or done separately:

  • Vision Journeys look to the future. This is generally the first Vision Journey to inspire with change to the future.
  • Achievement Journeys assess lessons from the past. This is generally used as part of a later review where it is combined with planning the next vision journey to the future.

The basic Journey framework can be adapted to any issue.

Common steps:
  1. Vision or dream: what is the underlying longer-term purpose of the journey?
  2. Baseline: current and/or past situation and joining the circles with the road.
  3. SWOT: Opportunities (10+ top of the road) and Challenges (full risk analysis bottom of the road). Things more controllable (strengths and weaknesses) go closer to the road. Things that cannot be controlled go further from the road. Finally identification of new opportunities so that opportunities still are more than risks. Or possibly abort plan.
  4. Milestones: Vision Journeys have medium term future target should be motivating, then 2-4 milestones the first of which should be after 1 month so that action starts immediately. Achievement Journey has past milestones.
  5. Actions to go from target to target.
  6. Journeys are tracked over time to assess progress, and also reasons for progress or lack of it.
Key considerations in design/adaptation:

a) whose journey is it? individual? household? collective? organisational?

b) what is the question/purpose/vision? how to be clear so things do not become too broad to be useful as a plan?

c) how many lanes? is it a simple vision journey or a multilane highway?

d) when should the milestones and targets be? Should these be decided by the participant? Or is there a specific organisational/project framework eg loan cycle that has to be accommodated? Is it a calendar with monthly targets?

Types of vision journey 

Vision Journeys

The first Vision Journey (individual) is a simple one-lane plan to achieve one or more elements of a bigger vision.

Livelihood Vision Calendars

A business plan with month by month breakdown of inputs and outputs.
How to Do It : Coffee Vision Calendar

  • Leadership Vision Journey

    A plan to become a leader (tool forthcoming)

  • Organisational Multilane Vision Journey

    This is a core GALS monitoring tool. It combines targets and plans on the core intervention targets (eg livelihoods, coffee production, health), gender balance and leadership on one diagram that is tracked over time.
    How to Do It : Multilane Vision Journey for coffeeRoad Journeys are progressively refined using other types of diagram tools that are adapted and sequenced in specific ways, depending on the nature of the issue and process. Each of these diagram tools can also be used individually and adapted in many different ways for analysis, planning and tracking.

  • For video examples see:



Dinna’s Story, Tanzania
Dinna’s Story

Dinna’s Journey

Dinna’s Leadership Vision

Masika Elizabeth’s Multilane Highway, Uganda

Hawa’s Coffee Calendar

Overall Monitoring Framework

Top Lane: Vision Journey

Middle Lane: Gender Balance Tree

Bottom Lane Empowerment Leadership Map

Organisational Planning

 Organisational Vision Journey, Kabarole Resource Centre, Uganda