Livelihoods, Markets and and Value Chain

Where the main type of intervention is on livelihoods and value chain development, after 3-6 months more advanced versions of the Catalyst tools are introduced for business planning, marketing and value chain analysis.

  • increasing incomes challenge action tree
  • household business tree
  • market map
  • livelihood calendar vision journey

These can be introduced on their own, integrated with the catalyst process as in the Toolkit written for TWIN UK in Uganda:

Livelihood Strengthening Tools

or as part of a more comprehensive value chain development process.

For the full value chain process see:

Growing the Diamond Forest

produced for the Oxfam Novib and IFAD GENVAD process May 2015.

For more macro-analysis and research on gender and value chain development, including early use of some of the tools with exporters see the 2009 ILO Manual:

Making the Strongest Links – GSVCA

For materials specifically adapted for coffee see:

Happy Family Happy Coffee Toolkit

For videos of the livelihood and value chain process see:

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