Dina, Vuasu Champion, Same, Tanzania

Dina was one of the first champions and had a lot of challenges when her husband died, Her brother-in-law tried to force her to marry him because he wanted to take her property. Her in-laws beat her several times, knocking out her front teeth, and threatened to kill her. Her children did not continue with school due to lack of school fees. Her sons went to find local jobs. Her daughters got married at a young age.

She went to court several times but the in-laws would bribe at the primary courts and win. Dina finally was helped by the government and local Vuasu cooperative staff and managed to she acquire her land. But she still had no money and was practically destitute. Looking back on that time, she says she was very depressed and with no hope for the future.

Dina says her situation has improved considerably after the GALS training. She now has direction. She has renovated her house and has 20 chickens now. She has been mentored by Ann Eliuza Mweta, the only Vuasu Board member and helped through her savings group and church group.  She was also nominated to become one of the new women Vuasu Board members who were being encouraged as a result of the new Vuasu organisational Vision Plan.

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