Chambua Coleman, Chome, Vuasu Cooperative, Same Tanzania

Coleman is a trained extension officer. He gets trainings from the government and other NGOs and sometimes TaCRI (Tanzania Coffee Research Institute) and trains voluntarily for the government on extension. He is not paid for this but gets reimbursement of costs. His motivation is to get certificates. He suggests that obtaining Certificates as GALS trainers would help both to show for further GALS expansion to other villages and other cooperatives as well as for jobs.

He was taught GALS by Hawa Arckland, He has only taught 1 person, he thinks he still needs to understand properly. He has been very busy organising agricultural fairs for the government in the village. He suggested that in the next fairs he will organise trainers to talk about GALS. About 500 people turn up for the fair while the fair is going on normally other crop producers like cabbage growers turn up and he suggested that one GALS trainer could cover one crop producers and share while the fair is going on.

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