Amani Mberuseru, Chome, Vuasu Cooperative, Same Tanzania

Mr Amani Mberuseru was one of the first GALS champions trained in October 2013. At that time he had a very serious drinking problem and was not looking after his farm.

In June 2014 he made a Vision Journey Plan for coffee, planning to increase increase production. This he achieved and has increased to 30 bags of coffee season 2014/2015, some of which he was taking to the Chome cooperative. He says he has the best coffee farm in Chome and all is because of planning through the vision journey.
On Gender balance, He has no land agreement but they own land together and he thinks no one can mistreat his wife in case he dies, he also works together with his wife, and He also helps on livestock keeping in the household.

He has taught 80 people they meet in 2 to 3 times a week and he has trained in 4 months. Many of his class are youth who were interested in entrepreneurship however some are older. They were happy to learn GALS especially the vision journey.

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