GAMEchange Network

GAMEchangeNetwork is a global informal voluntary network that links people and organisations aiming for a more democratic and sustainable world. It promotes innovation, learning and advocacy to mainstream empowerment methodologies for social justice, inclusive leadership and institutional transformation.

NOTE: this website is currently being updated and redesigned to make it more accessible on mobile phone and multilingual translation. I have left the website live to continue accessibility of toolkits, links etc. As this is a voluntary activity the website will not be complete till end March 2020. If you get frustrated, please revisit then.

GAMEchange Vision

A world
where women and men are freed

from all forms of discrimination
so they can realise their full potential as agents for

empowerment, happiness and sustainability
of global humankind.

Empowerment Methodology

The GAMEchange family of empowerment methodologies adapt similar tools, facilitation and implementation processes to enable women and men from any background to identify and implement their own individual and collective strategies and communicate these to powerful stakehokders.

Mainstreaming and advocacy

The community-led processes are linked with government, private sector and development stakeholders to develop guidelines and create advocacy networks to mainstream empowerment and social justice strategies at the centre of institutional practice and decision-making.

Action Learning

Empowering Enquiry action learning approach integrates and builds on complementarities between

to build produce and communicate information for individual and collective action, institutional change and policy advocacy.

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I really appreciate the Gender Action Learning System (GALS) methodology and tools. I went through your website and descovered the GALS can improve our work and can resolve many problems in desadvantaged communities of my country.

I’d like to know how can I become a GALS trainer/Facilitator. Because, I can help thousands of men and women in my community.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Swisscontact Indonesia is using the GALS methodology in its work on the cocoa value chain in Indonesia. We believe it would be beneficial to our work to be able to interact with other GAMEChangers through this platform.

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