Implementation stages

Being developed

GALS Phase 1: Catalyst Phase is a 0-6 months process involving two parallel activities, sequenced and adapted to the overall aims and design of the intervention, the needs of the participants involved and the context.

Rocky Road to Diamond Dreams : GALS Catalyst Manual produced for Oxfam Novib March 2014

Hivos Toolkit for Coffee Partnership of Tanzania 2014

Facilitation Guide

Tool 1: Soulmate Visionning

Tool 2: Vision Journey

Tool 3: Gender Balance Tree

Tool 4: Empowerment (Change) Leadership Map

Community level

The basis for all GALS processes are an increasing number of ‘champions’ at community level – people who implement the methodology to improve their own lives and those of people in their families and communities. As part of this they also share the tools with others, who then share with yet others in a sort of ‘pyramid marketing’ system.

Champion Catalyst Workshop/s

(6 days) with 20-60 champions from one or more communities and organisations. They are facilitated by GALS expert practitioner/s and wherever possible co-facilitated by GALS champions from another national or regional process.

This introduces at least the first four tools:

  • Soulmate visioning
  • Vision Journey
  • Gender Balance Tree
  • Change Leadership Map

These tools are taught and gender change reinforced partly through songs, interactive theatre and cultural innovations. As part of the workshop community participants learn basic facilitation and peer sharing skills. They also draw their  own pictorial manual and develop an implementation plan.

Community peer sharing workshops

1 day each community immediately following the Champion Catalyst Workshops. The champions practice the facilitation skills, start to establish their leadership networks and reinforce their own understandings of the tools. This generally leads to around 100 people involved in each community, with initial visions and vision journey, wanting to learn more and included in the implementation plan right from the start.

Organisational level

Core staff are generally trained as part of the catalyst workshops so that they see the process. Other staff and service providers are trained by the community champions.

Inception workshops
  • Inception meetings (1-3 days) for preliminary introductions and planning at organisational level and personal use of the tools by staff for gender mainstreaming in the organisation followed by sustainability planning after the first workshops.
  • Multistakeholder workshops (1-3 days) at the end of the catalyst workshops other stakeholders may be invited to see the process – presented by the community champions. It is very useful to involve government and private sector right at the beginning so they support the process and involved in the sustainability strategy.

Community Action Learning

  • Champions then track and share progress in existing or new groups. Aiming to implement their visions and gender changes and for each champion to scale up by a factor of average 1 to 30 over 6 months.
  • Ongoing tracking of progress at individual level, group sharing of experiences and support from the local core catalyst team.

Community Action Learning

Gender Review

After 1 year the same tools are reviewed, together with an analysis of remaining challenges to be addressed in the following year.

For videos and songs for the tools see:

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